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        Shenzhen Nuosheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.---- China's professional hot melt glue machine manufacturer!


        Nuosheng-Specializing in hot melt glue spraying and coating equipment manufacturers,mainly producing hot melt glue machines and accessories,small  hot melt glue machines,dispensing machines,glue coating machines,automatic sealing machines,hot melt glue spraying machines,hot melt glue machinery and other manufacturers。Widely used in hygiene productsdiapers,sanitary napkins and other disposable items),air filters,non-woven compounds,footwear,printing,product assembly,clothing,dry stickers,packaging industrycarton packaging,cigarette boxes,wine boxes,gift boxes,glasses boxes,craft boxes,jewelry boxes,color box packaging glue dispensing glue spray),coating composite industrytrademark paper,label double-sided tape,medical breathable tape),product assemblyhome appliances,furniture lamination,wire and cable),automotive industryinterior sealing,lamp manufacturing,windshield assembly),bookbinding field and other industries。

        The company always pursues excellent quality,constantly explores and innovates,has a group of mechanical industry automation,computer management and other professional talents,set many years of practical experience,and with a perfect quality assurance system throughout the whole process of manufacturing,installation,commissioning,to ensure the high quality of products,excellent performance,product processing equipment,complete testing facilities,resolutely put an end to unqualified products leaving the factory。

        Nuosheng-has a complete overseas market and global service distribution systemMalaysia,Japan,Italy,Turkey,Mexico,Canada general agent。The company is headquartered in Shenzhen,with eight offices in Shenzhen,Hong Kong,Beijing,Shanghai,Tianjin,Wuhan,Hangzhou and Quanzhou,and equipped with experienced service engineers to provide 24-hour all-weather quality service。

        ? Provide professional solution hot melt glue machine packaging solutions;

        ? Provide professional hot melt glue coating technology and equipment;

        ? Provide professional solution hot melt glue spraying technology and solutions;

        Nuosheng--- provides you with not only equipment,but also perfect pre-sales and after-sales service,stable and reliable equipment and more application solutions,and Nuosheng--- is a solid backing for your career。Welcome to negotiate!


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