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        10L Gear pump hot melt glue machine


        NS-V10 gear pump hot melter features:

        1、The melting cylinder is welded with alloy aluminum,and is formed by finishing processing,and sprayed with DuPont Teflon,which has the advantages of high coating strength and not easy to fall off。The carbonization phenomenon of hot melt adhesive is greatly reduced,and the melting cylinder adopts a progressive heating design。

        2、The motor and gear pump connection adopts a specially designed synchronous coupling,which has the advantages of high temperature resistance,high connection accuracy,stable transmission and long service life,and can be formulated with a single (or multiple)gear pump。

        3、Control system: high-precision dual-channel temperature control is convenient for future process increases。

        4、Optimal combination design of melting cylinder,gear pump,return valve and filter screen。It has an excellent hydraulic circulation system,which can avoid impurities or carbide output and re-enter the melting cylinder,hinder the normal operation of the return valve,and ensure the smooth transfer of rubber and the stability of pressure。

        NS-V10 host technical parameters:


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