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        5 gallon PUR hot melt glue machine


        5 Gallon PUR Hot Melter Features:

        1、The adhesion and toughness(elasticity)of PUR are adjustable,and have excellent bonding strength,temperature resistance,chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance,and are widely used in wood,automotive,textile,aviation and other fields。

        2、Double-layer permeable Teflon coating in the melting cylinder of Nuosheng PUR hot melt adhesive machine,progressive large fin-shaped heating part,improve the efficiency of melting,save energy consumption,effectively reduce carbonization phenomenon,simple and fast installation and maintenance。

        3、The horizontal pump body is installed with buffer connectors to better correct the connection level。

        4、New type of guided return valve,more accurate and stable adjustment。

        5、Frame fuselage structure,simple and fast installation and maintenance。

                                             PUR Drum 5H 熱熔膠機參數表



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