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        5L piston pump hot melt glue machine


        NS-A05 small hot melter features:

        1、New guided reflow device,more accurate and stable adjustment。

        2、Frame fuselage structure,simple and fast installation and maintenance。

        3、Double-layer permeable Teflon coating in the melting cylinder,progressive large fin-shaped heating part,improve the melting efficiency,save energy consumption,and effectively reduce the carbonization phenomenon。

        4、The outer wall of the melting cylinder is Teflon coating,and the insulation cotton is close to the sheet metal,so as to effectively prevent the phenomenon of carbonization pollution due to misoperation,and it is more convenient and labor-saving to clean and clean the equipment。

        5、Large-capacity pump filter,effectively prevent iron miscellaneous flow into the rubber channel,prevent piston pump jamming damage。

        6、Precision metering pump ensures the stability and continuity of glue output。

        7、The temperature control system adopts the new self-test Admiral digital temperature control system。

        NS-A05 host technical parameters:


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