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        How to clean the hot melt glue machine?

        發布者:Nuosheng Xiaobian 發布時間:2023-09-05

        For the development of hot melt glue machine,glue machine high temperature operation is understood,so cleaning rubber machine has some security hidden danger。

        And now to talk about how to clean hot melt glue machine

        First,the heating tank filter cleaning。Due to the rubber machine memory pressure,and has the possibility to glue sprayed scalding people,the pressure regulator pressure below 0kg。

        Second,open the rubber valve seat host branch。In order to avoid high temperature glue splash the hand scald,put plastic gloves and protective equipment。

        Third,residue discharge tank interior finishes,use socket wrench to remove main glue machine filter,prevent glue spray burn。Need to wear gloves,sideways standing。

        Fourth,use a clean cloth to wipe clean the host filter。Because the host filter temperature is high,must wear gloves。

        Fifth,the branch seat is back to the host filter has been cleaned,and then hand lock。

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